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Xplorisk, Operationalizing Crypto Threat Exposure Management and Mitigation

With our boots-on-the-ground mentality and experience

About Xplorisk

Xplorisk is inventing Crypto/Web3 risk and fraud prevention for internal and external threats.

We are experienced Chief Security Officers, CTOs, and Compliance Officers who have successfully managed and secured large-scale Web3/Crypto environments - past and present - so we know what it takes.

  • The Xplorisk team has been leading the way in the Crypto/currency and Web3 industries since their early beginnings, making things happen and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

  • Our experience in cybersecurity since 2003 and crypto since 2014 has given us a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in these fields.

  • Xplorisk has assembled a top-notch, multidisciplinary team to tackle our clients' toughest challenges and improve their business and operations.

  • We have built Security and Threat Intelligence departments at leading corporations and Web3 companies and founded successful companies.

  • We have led and supported financial crypto activities such as Staking, DeFi Deployment, and Exchange Trading in the billions of USD range.

  • We specialize in financial regulatory compliance, as well as managing AML, CFT, sanctions, and fraud prevention programs.

  • Xplorisk is redefining Web3 Risk Mitigation by combining deep subject-matter expertise with cutting-edge technology in a forward-looking way.

  • Across our offering, we help clients manage and mitigate risk - whether that risk is investment, financial, regulatory, cybersecurity, operational, or reputational - providing the needed guidance and technology to enhance critical decisions.  

  • The Xplorisk platform provides robust compliance and security frameworks and risk mitigation controls for Web3/Crypto, akin to that of Web 2.0 and enterprise environments. It is designed to ensure the safety and integrity of your digital assets, while complying with and advancing industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

  • With Xplorisk, you can leverage the power of blockchain technology and decentralized networks, while having the confidence that your compliance and security needs are met.

  • It's all about teamwork, collaboration, and concrete risk mitigation.

The Dream Team

Future-proof your business

Contact us for 24/7 visibility and control over business processes, assets, infrastructure, and counterparties while ensuring compliance.

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