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Xplorisk Web3, Crypto Compliance and Security

Automated and Continuous
Web3 Risk Mitigation 

Your Web3 Risk Mitigation

Do you know your assets and risk exposure as well as criminal groups and hackers?

Model and contextualize your Web3 environment,
enabling both Compliance and Security Officers to manage assets, infrastructure, and counterparties with automated control for effective risk mitigation

Purposefully Built for
Compliance and Security Officers;
TradFi, CeFi, DeFi

Main Value Proposition:

Comply with needed regulations and have complete visibility and control of your Web3 environment, 24-7, safeguarding client assets and stopping illicit finance

Key Benefits:


Capitalize on hidden or complex financial opportunities;

Improve your bottom line


Comply with the needed regulations quickly, automated, and continuously; AML, CFT, MiCA, DORA,

Travel Rule  


Safeguard client assets across all your wallets, custodians, and counterparties;

TradFi, CeFi, DeFi


Increase productivity of compliance and security teams and avoid human errors in repetitive processes;

Automation that saves you time and resources, while reducing risk

Leadership and Insights
The Guardians of the Future of Finance

Pioneering Concrete Risk Mitigation in the
Web3 and Crypto Industry

Xplorisk is a Member of the Finsec Innovation Lab:

FinSec Mastercard Logo.png

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