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Your Web3, Crypto CISO

Xplorisk is your automated and continuous Web3, Crypto Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with the needed touch and depth of financial compliance (AML, Sanctions, Fraud) elements and capabilities.

The platform was built by industry leaders with a proven track record in securing the largest crypto environments and enterprises.

We built the platform to solve two key pain points that we experienced personally:

  1. Lack of automation burdens operational teams.

  2. Lack of control/common operating picture - fragmented data between compliance, risk, and security teams.

Xplorisk is a first-of-its-kind solution for blockchain companies automating internal and external risk and fraud prevention, enabling businesses to mitigate crypto asset related risks.

The platform provides a consolidated view of your entire crypto environment, including crypto assets, infrastructure, counterparties, and users across TradFi, CeFi, and DeFi.

With over 60 blockchains supported, our platform conducts continuous and automated threat assessments to ensure compliance, security, and reduced exposure to potential risks. 

All the above delivers a new paradigm needed in the evolving crypto ecosystem with rising compliance requirements and threats.

Xplorisk can be the difference maker that saves you time and resources and gives you control of your environment and counterparties.


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