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Xplorisk at 2024 FIRST Technical Colloquium

Xplorisk will present at the 2024 FIRST Technical Colloquium in Amsterdam, March 5 to 7, 2024.

Conference website: #FIRSTAMS2024.

We are delighted to showcase the extensive research activities that we have conducted, which have yielded valuable insights, intelligence, and risk mitigation activities.

We have also collaborated with our partners to implement robust risk mitigation measures that have helped mitigate potential threats.

We take pride in our comprehensive approach to Web3/Crypto risk mitigation and are committed to maintaining the highest security standards.

The presentation will discuss "Hybrid Supply Chain Attacks & AML (Web 2.0 & Web3)" and how to connect both worlds securely.

More information will be posted before the conference.

Xplorisk at 2024 FIRST Technical Colloquium


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