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What's New? Xplorisk Updates

Xplorisk, your Web3 Risk Mitigation X-Factor.

Check out the outstanding compliance and security initiatives related to Web3 that are being led by the Xplorisk team!

The team is constantly pushing the limits, setting high standards for managing and mitigating risk in Web3/Crypto.

News and updates:

*Watch the team present “Code and supply-chain risk mitigation in Web 2.0 and Web3 - Connecting both worlds securely” as part of a webinar with leading security companies.

*Xplorisk has partnered with AML Incubator to provide advanced compliance and risk mitigation solutions to clients and the Web3 ecosystem.

*We released the Xplorisk Address Poisoning Live Tracker, enabling companies to protect their client and trading operations 24-7, preemptively. 

*Xplorisk will be presenting new research activities and industry collaborations at the 2024 FIRST Technical Colloquium in Amsterdam, March 5 to 7.


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