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Vulnerability Alert Fatigue and Malicious Code Attacks Meetup

Updated: Feb 3

Watch our Co-founder and CEO, Shiran Kleiderman, present our unique methods and technology for Web3/Crypto Supply-Chain Risk Mitigation:


Join us for a meetup and webinar with leading cybersecurity professionals, from amazing companies: Cyber Hero Network, JFrog, and Myrror.

You'll learn about how to address known and unknown risks in your open-source software, improve your supply-chain security maturity model, understand vulnerabilities in IAM, and discover ways to incorporate security in the package update process.

Our Co-founder, Shiran Kleiderman, will be giving a talk on "Code and supply-chain risk mitigation in Web 2.0 and Web3 - Connecting both worlds securely".

To register for the online event, please follow the link provided:

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you need help complying with Web3/crypto regulations such as MiCA, DORA, and Travel Rule, and want complete visibility and control of your Web3 environment, 24-7, feel free to reach out to Xplorisk.


The link to the video/presentation:


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