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Introducing the Xplorisk Crypto RiskBot

Updated: May 8

We've now released the Xplorisk Telegram Crypto RiskBot, giving you free and complimentary access to some of our platform's capabilities.

Start improving your compliance and security posture now with our crypto risk analysis bot:

Xplorisk RiskBot

Why Xplorisk?

  • Is your company involved in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology?

  • Feeling you lack control over your assets, infrastructure, and counterparties?

  • Could your compliance and security teams be more productive with advanced technology, automation, and supporting methodologies?

  • Are you struggling with ever-changing regulatory requirements like MiCA, DORA, Travel Rule, and AML/CFT?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it's time to explore "Why Xplorisk"

Xplorisk is reshaping Crypto/Web3 risk mitigation for internal and external threats. Guided by a team of experienced practitioners, CISOs, CTOs, and Chief Compliance Officers (we know what it takes) we're dedicated to helping Crypto companies establish secure and compliant environments that propel their businesses forward.

Our platform empowers organizations to swiftly (and preemptively) identify and mitigate critical risks by establishing a standardized and normalized layer/ledger between crypto assets, infrastructure, counterparties, and users.

At Xplorisk, we understand the critical role of risk management in navigating the ever-evolving Crypto landscape. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive platform that brings clarity and confidence to Crypto risk management and fraud prevention - supported by a world-class team that has successfully secured and protected the largest environments and companies. 


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