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Introducing Crypto Track and Trace - Automated and at Scale

Updated: May 26

Xplorisk is proud to introduce One Click and Automated Crypto Track and Trace, the first of its kind.

Ease of use that dramatically reduces analysis time for crypto transaction flow analysis - end to end - for incident response, forensics, compliance/regulatory reporting, and more.

With one click, the Xplorisk platform builds the full transaction flow while identifying and risk-analyzing source, destination, and all other hops and entities involved across the whole Web3/Crypto tech stack - wallets, CeFi, Exchanges, DeFi, smart contracts, staking, and more.

*Enabling organizations to automate Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) writing, creation, and reporting - saving you time and resources.

More to come about supported use cases.

Contact us and hyper-scale and automate your crypto compliance and fraud prevention capabilities.


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