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How Xplorisk Simplifies and Automates ISO 27001 Compliance

Updated: Jan 2

Bottom Line:

Xplorisk has assisted several Web3/Crypto companies in achieving ISO 27001 compliance and certification.


In the fast-changing world of blockchain, Web3, and cryptocurrency technologies, implementing strong information and digital asset security measures has become more crucial than ever.

As the industry continues to progress and innovate, it has become increasingly essential to integrate established Web 2.0 standards like ISO 27001 to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data and digital/financial assets.

This post provides an overview of how Xplorisk simplifies and automates ISO 27001 compliance - a unique offering in Web3 and Crypto.

ISO 27001 Overview:

ISO 27001 is a part of the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards. It is a widely accepted framework for managing information security systems (ISMS). This standard offers a systematic approach to identifying, managing, and mitigating information security risks. It emphasizes creating a strong security culture within an organization, which is especially important in Web3/Crypto companies that manage financial assets.

With the Xplorisk platform, you can ensure compliance with the key requirements and security controls required by ISO 27001 for your Web3 assets, environments, and operations in an automated way - this is a game changer.

Just by utilizing the Xplorisk Ledger and our Automated and Continuous Risk Mitigation platform, you can address key Web3 (and Web 2.0) controls required by ISO:

  1. Ongoing Information Security Risk Assessment

  2. Asset Management and Control

  3. User Access Management

  4. System and Application Access Control

  5. Operational Procedures and Responsibilities for Protecting Information/Digital Assets

  6. Threat Intelligence 

  7. Third-party Risk Management

  8. Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and contractual obligations related to information/asset/financial security

  9. And additional requirements.


  • Adopting ISO 27001 is essential for ensuring the security of information and digital assets in the rapidly evolving world of Web3 and Crypto.

  • The integration of ISO 27001 is not only a requirement for compliance but also a strategic imperative for driving the secure advancement of technology in Web3.

  • Xplorisk can help you implement industry-leading Web 2.0 best practices while incorporating the unique security measures required for Web3 decentralized technologies - all in an automated way with the Xplorisk platform and with our managed security and compliance services.

Are you interested in achieving ISO 27001 certification? If so, we're here to help! Our team is dedicated to making your certification process as smooth as possible. Contact us to learn how we can assist you in reaching your security and compliance goals.


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