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How Xplorisk Enabled Kima Network to Autonomously Secure Its Token and Web3 Environment 

How Xplorisk Enabled Kima Network to Autonomously Secure Its Token and Web3/Crypto Environment.

Kima and Xplorisk Partnership

Kima Network is a decentralized settlement protocol operating in the Web3 and crypto space. It aims to address fragmentation and enable interchain and hybrid transactions.

The Challenge: Comprehensive Risk Mitigation and Compliance

As Kima Network's operations expanded across multiple blockchains and decentralized ecosystems, they faced challenges in managing risks, ensuring compliance, and protecting user assets from internal and external threats.

The Solution: Xplorisk's Automated and Continuous Risk Mitigation Platform

Kima Network partnered with Xplorisk, a leader in automated and continuous risk mitigation and fraud prevention for the Web3 and crypto sectors. Xplorisk's platform provides Kima with the following capabilities:

  1. Automated internal and external risk monitoring and fraud prevention across over 60 blockchains.

  2. Robust compliance measures, including wallet screening, transaction monitoring, and AML compliance.

  3. Real-time market data analysis and due diligence on counterparties.

  4. Continuous asset and infrastructure management for enhanced wallet and validator security.

  5. Comprehensive compliance programs aligned with industry standards like ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

Kima and Xplorisk

Key Benefits for Kima Network

By leveraging Xplorisk's platform, Kima Network achieved the following benefits:

  1. Established a secure and compliant environment for their Web3 operations, safeguarding user assets and infrastructure.

  2. Implemented rigorous risk mitigation and fraud prevention measures across multiple blockchains.

  3. Ensured the integrity of financial settlements and transactions through real-time monitoring and counterparty due diligence.

  4. Identified and mitigated potential threats, such as fake token launches on various chains.

Kima Network chose Xplorisk for its proven expertise in securing large-scale crypto environments, its automated and continuous risk mitigation capabilities, and its ability to provide a scalable solution covering critical components of the Web3 landscape.


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