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Full Visibility & Control of the Base Blockchain

Xplorisk now supports the new chain by Coinbase.

Base is a secure, low-cost, builder-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users on-chain, empowered by Coinbase.

The Xplorisk platform, your X-Factor for visibility, control, and risk management of 60-plus blockchains, has X-Ray-like data analysis, risk assessment, and anomaly detection for the Base blockchain.

1) As you can see in our analysis, Base is gaining traction.

For example, we provide unique and fine-grained analysis and monitoring of new smart contracts created on Base, and many more insights:

2) As in any major chain, AML issues were also "bridged"; in this case, a wallet with Mixing exposure used a bridge to move funds from another chain to Base, trying to disguise its malicious activities.

Looking for full AML, Sanctions, and Fraud coverage for Base and the complete crypto-verse? Xplorisk is here for you.

3) Fun (?) fact:

In the past week, one of the largest native transactions on the BASE chain came from a wallet called "russia-collapse-fund.eth".


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