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Exposing and Eradicating Crypto Terror Networks

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

In groundbreaking research at Xplorisk, we exposed a terror network operating over 5,000 crypto wallets and processing a staggering $7 billion.

One wallet alone handled over $200 million, with connections to major crypto exchanges.

This operation highlights a critical vulnerability within the TRON network, a blockchain platform widespread in Asia, known for its low transaction costs and high volume.

Despite its growth, TRON's relatively less regulated ecosystem has become a hotbed for terror funding activities.

This revelation underscores the urgency for real-time regulatory action and demonstrates our team's commitment to combating digital financial threats.

*Journalists and government agencies interested in our detailed findings can contact us for more information. Together, we can take decisive steps to disrupt terror funding mechanisms and safeguard the integrity of the financial sector.

More information can be found in the following links:


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