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Evidence-Based Web3 Risk Assessment

Updated: Jan 3

Prevention-first security and regulatory compliance should be your top priority when dealing with financial assets and client funds.

Our security experience at the highest levels has led us to create a superior service based on the cutting-edge Xplorisk platform for Web3/Crypto companies.

Experience and technology are the two pillars of our risk mitigation offering, and our overall MSCS (Managed Security and Compliance Services) offering.

With our vast experience and cutting-edge Web3/Crypto native technology, we can provide you with the best-in-class risk mitigation solutions that you can always rely on.

The Xplorisk Evidence-based Web3 Risk Assessment:


  1. Project alignment

  2. Understanding the company’s environment

  3. Interviews with key stakeholders

  4. Conduct BIA (Business Impact Analysis) for assets and systems

  5. Create a Threat Heat Map → Attack Vector Map


  1. Assess security controls effectiveness with regard to various attack scenarios - Threat Heat Map

  2. Assess strengths and gaps across the Prevention, Detection, Response, and Recovery domains

  3. Conduct a gap analysis with regard to best security and compliance practices and regulations (NIST, ISO, SOC/X ; AML, CTF, MiCA, DORA, and Travel Rule financial regulations)


  1. Challenge security and compliance controls in a controlled and safe way - Red Team exercise

  2. Answer the question – How Secure Are We?

  3. This phase adds testable and imperial elements to the risk assessment process → EVIDENCE-BASED


  1. Define concrete and prioritized risk mitigation recommendations

  2. Define an operational plan to bridge the gap between risk/regulatory requirements and the current state

  3. The assessment takes into account current threats and security controls

  4. Time efficient, practical

Contact our team of Web3/Crypto experts and see how you can automate advanced risk assessment activities while addressing security and compliance regulatory requirements -


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