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DORA Readiness - Digital Operational Resilience Act

Updated: Apr 8

Delivering DORA Compliance and Security for Web3 and Crypto Companies, with Forward Looking Risk Mitigation.

Web3 DORA Compliance

The European Union's Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), which will take effect in January 2025, marks a significant step forward in enhancing the security of the financial sector against cyber threats.

The regulation covers all financial entities, including Web3/Crypto exchanges, brokers, and crypto-asset service providers/operators.

Amidst the escalating cyber-attack risk, DORA introduces a comprehensive set of regulatory measures designed to fortify the resilience of networks and information systems crucial to financial entities' operations.

That's where Xplorisk steps in.

With our expertise and the innovative Xplorisk Web3 Risk Mitigation platform, we offer more than just DORA readiness and compliance support.

By partnering with Xplorisk, financial entities can access an automated solution that streamlines the DORA compliance process.

Furthermore, our approach adds tangible value to your organization beyond mere adherence to regulatory requirements.

By conducting a comprehensive gap analysis of your existing ICT risk and governance procedures, we'll identify areas for improvement and help implement robust frameworks to mitigate potential risks effectively.

We not only enhance your regulatory compliance but also improve your security posture.

In essence, Xplorisk offers more than just compliance assistance; we empower Web3/Crypto financial entities to turn regulatory challenges into strategic opportunities for growth and business resilience.

Comply with DORA now - write us.


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