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Crypto, Web3 Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Updated: May 21

Overview and Challenges:

Crypto, Web3 Supply Chain Risk Management and Mitigation, aka (also known as) Counterparty Risk, is a critical part of an organization's overall security/compliance/risk framework and controls.

Crypto assets must be moved, traded, lent out, and deployed with third parties to create a thriving economy with commercial value. Therefore, an organization is exposed to third parties and counterparties as assets aren't static and at rest.


  • Crypto, Web3 compounds Web 2.0 issues with a 24/7, distributed financial environment, heavy reliance on counterparties, elevated by the immutable nature.

  • Immutable blockchain smart contracts offer security benefits but pose risks due to an inability to patch vulnerabilities (at times).

  • Communicating crypto vulnerabilities is tricky → sharing issues without risking user funds.

  • Supply chain vulnerabilities are only expected to rise as the barrier of entry to crypto is low.

The Solution:

The Xplorisk Platform;

Automated and Continuous Crypto Threat Exposure Management Platform for Internal and External Threats.

Proper controls, monitoring, and ongoing risk assessment are necessary for an organization to mitigate current and evolving risks.

To solve the above, Xplorisk has assembled a top-notch, multidisciplinary team to tackle our clients' toughest challenges and improve their business and operations.

We are experienced Chief Security Officers, CTOs, and Compliance Officers who have successfully managed and secured large-scale Web3/Crypto environments - past and present - so we know what it takes.

We bring the needed multi-disciplinary approach to the table:

Web3 and Crypto Automated Risk Mitigation

Xplorisk is here to bring the needed Paradigm Shift through hyper-automation and control with the Xplorisk Platform.

  • Xplorisk provides complete visibility and control over a company's Web3 environment (especially counterparties), safeguarding client assets and stopping illicit finance across multiple blockchains.

  • Conduct pre-deployment and ongoing due diligence on all your counterparties - TradFi, CeFi, and DeFi.

  • Our approach and solution are agnostic to the tech stack and entity/counterparty type.

Xplorisk is designed to provide the visibility, control, and automation needed to mitigate crypto risks and fraud effectively and ensure compliance.

We actively enhance risk mitigation capabilities, reduce costs, and strengthen risk posture.

Ongoing Crypto and Web3 Due Diligence


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